Monday, August 30, 2010

Another trip to the canyon

We love doing family night in the canyon! Always beautiful, always fun and exciting for the girls and always good food by the fire! I think my girls were made for the great outdoors. Sabi was funny when we were driving thru the canyon and almost to the campsite she said "Mommy I'm ready, Daddy you ready? My baba is ready and Sabi ready!" They love riding their bikes in the mountains, throwing rocks in the water and having adventures through the woods. Always a good time!
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More Zoo Pics

The girls loved watching the baby elephant play with this stick in the mud. Gracie loved the choo choo train:)
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Hoogle Zoo

We went to the Zoo on Saturday! We haven't been since Gracie was just a baby, and they've been dieing to go. It was so fun watching how amazed they were as they saw all the animals, you could just see the wheels turning as they would watch them. Sabrina about walked all of Hoogle Zoo she is such a trooper and always seemed deep in thought when she was watching the animals. They especially loved the train ride and the merry go round, and it was fun to see what animal they wanted to ride on.
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gracie's First Day of Preschool!

Gracie had her first day of Preschool today! I was so proud at how well she did and surprised that she even enjoyed her first day. Her teacher came out to the car to pick her up this morning, and it did take a little coaxing to get her out of the car but when she was out and I handed her to her teacher she did not shed a single tear and did not protest. My favorite part was right after I dropped her of she even smiled at me as she was holding her teacher's hand and I waved goodbye. It was one of those moments where you take a picture with your mind and never forget it, and made me think wow my little girl is growing up. The bottom picture is Sabi wanting her picture taken as well. LOL.. Love my girls!
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Family Night

I love Family Night because that's the night Bryan comes home early to be with the family. Yesterday we went up to American Fork Canyon a whole 5 minutes from our house. Bry cooked some yummy steaks with yams (such a could combo). Then we had smores by the camp fire. We also went for a walk up the mountain and Gracie kept saying she was in a jungle LOL.. It's sad that we've probably only been up the canyon twice this summer, I feel like we sometimes take it for granted. We were talking to this guy up there who is passing through Utah and is traveling around the world on his Motorcycle. He has his motorcycle flown to what ever country he is planning on traveling in. So this guy who has literally been around the world a few times, and is from Germany by the way says that Utah has the prettiest landscaping he's ever seen. That just totally opened my eyes! We totally take for granted what a beautiful place we live in. I love living in Utah!
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Playing School

Gracie is starting to get really excited for Preschool this year. I have been doing my best at trying to make this a easy transistion for her. Gracie, as many of you know is extremely shy, and takes a while to warm up to anything new. So I took her to the library a few weeks ago and got some books about going to school and first day of school. After I started reading to her the books and talking about her cousins and friends who will be going she is starting to get excited. We took her to a open house at her preschool so she could see what it looks like and what her class looks like. Her and Sabrina just loved all the murals on the walls and the cute little castle they have to play on when you first walk in. I also got her a new backpack to help her get excited. Her new favorite activity to do at home is play school with Sabi and Mommy. I can't belive that my little girl is going to preschool! We love her so much and are very proud of her.
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Dinosaur Museum

We always get a cute picture on this little guy:)
Gracie loved this giant turtle.

Wanted to get her picture with Manny from Ice Age LOL..

Uncovering Dinosaur bones!

We went to the museum at Thanksgiving Point last week with my Sister and her kids and my Mom. My girls love this place! Such a great place for kids:)
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Yeah for Sabi!

So I bought a potty for Sabrina just to see if she would show any interest, not getting any high hopes about it at all. We got it out of the box on Friday night and put it in front of the TV while we watched a movie. Well as soon as we got it out Sabi took her diaper off and sat on it. I was thinking wow she likes it, and just happy to see she was showing interest. Well about 20 minutes after getting on and off it during the movie she came up to me and told me she did it. I was like did what honey? And she pointed to the potty... Sure enough she had peed in her potty! I told her she would get M&Ms if she would pee in her potty, and she was ready for her M&Ms. LOL.... What a suprise! She went potty in it last night as well! I'm not going to push her at all for the next few months just let her decide if she wants to do it, the M&M offer is on the table LOL..
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