Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Most Amazing Man and Dear Prophet

The Prophet that I have grown up knowing and have loved so much has passed away. This amazing Man has accomplished so much in one life time and has loved and served the Lord his whole life. He was such an inspiration to me and has helped me in hard times in my life. He has left behind a legacy that will never be forgotten. So many temples built and dedicated because of him and so many lives he has touched and brought into or back to the church. I can't even imagine the reunion he had up in heaven with his wife and loved ones. Well done thy good and faithful servant. You will always be in our hearts.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Yeah a new post!

I'm sorry I've been kinda slacking on my blog lately. Just thought I would give a little update to everyone on us. Gracie is growing up so fast! Maybe not so much in her size LOL.. She's only in her 2% in weight we're still waiting for her to hit the big 20 lbs. But her little personality is changing so much. She's starting to act more and more like a little girl. She walks everywhere now and has totally given up the crawling. It is the weirdest thing to see your baby come walking in the room. She's like this little person now. She gets very shy around people she doesn't know but warms up to you fast. She loves to give kisses now and kisses her dolls all the time it's so cute. She loves to have back massages and back tickles. When ever we do it she gets in this zone like "ohh that feels good" LOL.. Another funny thing she does is every time she gets her tag to her blanket her thumb goes straight in the mouth. Gracie knows quite a bit of words now but one of her favorites is "Eye" she points at all of her stuffed animals and dolls eyes and says it. Her hair gets more and more curly the longer it gets (maybe she does have a little of her Mom in her after all). Some of her favorite foods lately is scrambled eggs,Mac n Cheese, Cheese quesadillas, string cheese, American cheese (the girl loves cheese and so does her Mom), she also LOVES pickles. Just give her a big pickle and she will go to town on it.

I've been feeling really good now and crave and eat everything in sight. Ha ha.. I can't believe how fast time has already gone by on this pregnancy. In a couple of days I will already be four months along. And it's true what they say about showing faster on your second pregnancy. I swear I just looked down one day and there was this belly LOL.. We are very excited to find out what we're having! Bryan wants a boy so bad. I wouldn't mind either way. Bryan and I always have names picked out before we even get pregnant. If it's a girl we're naming her Sabrina and for a boy Coleman. Tell me what you guys think of the names we've picked out or if you have any other suggestions.
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