Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Princess Tea Party

Here's Sabi at her little princess tea party at her dance class:)
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Sabrina My Ballerina

So I've been meaning to post this a while ago. I put Sabrina and Gracie in this little two year old dance class, Gracie didn't really take to it but Sabrina just loves it. I put Gracie in with Sabrina in high hopes it would make her more brave and want to dance. Gracie didn't show any interest after a month, so I gave it my best shot. We decided we're going to try gymnastics with her in the summer when preschools over. Sabrina is just a doll in this little class and just loves all the fun things they get to dress up in and little props to dance with. They also get to do a little princess tea party at the end of every class. What a great idea to do a semi-structured dance class for two year olds to introduce them to movement and dance! These two year olds just love it and they even do two dance recitals towards the end of the season:) Sabrina is so funny every time the teacher puts something on her she runs over to me to show me and poses for a picture (how cute is that). I have a feeling a lot of dance classes and recitals are in the future for this little twinkle toes.
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And more party pics

A picture with my siblings (this never happens)!


What a good looking couple!
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More party pics

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My Dad's 60th Surprise party!

We gave my Dad a 60th surprise Birthday party last Saturday and had lots of family a friends over for the big celebration. My Dad was totally clueless and very surprised! We loved seeing family we haven't seen in a while and getting everyone together to visit. It turned out really good the weather was perfect and the food was great! Happy 60th Dad we love you!
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Good times by the campfire!
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Horse shoes, frisbees and cousins:)
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Loved playing in the tent.

Look closely, Papa and Gracie are feeding a squirel

Gracie liked to pretend to take peoples food orders thru the window:)
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Camping at Granite Flats

We went camping at Granite Flats a couple weekends ago with my parents. My parents rented a trailor and we acutally survived in a tent LOL.. I'm very proud that I slept in a tent in the cold mountains, and I mean cold we woke up and there was frost on the picnic tables! Sabrina slept in the trailor with Grandma and Grandpa and gracie slept between us in the tent. At first Gracie complained cause it was so cold getting in our sleeping bags, but then when we were snuggled in nice and warm Gracie said the cutest thing. She said "Dad I love this tent and Dad I love this mountain". What a cutie! We learned next time we need better pads to sleep on or bring our blow up mattress, ouch! The first night we were there the Deharts came up for dinner and smores by the campfire. It was so much fun to be in the beautiful mountains and be with our family.
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sad faces:(

We decided to give our little Yorkie Gigi away. We were very sad but we knew it would be the best thing for her and us. I felt a little overwhelmed by having two toddlers a baby on the way now and a puppy. I felt she wasn't getting the attention she deserved so we put her on KSL and sold her the following day. We found a perfect family for her and they are emailing and keeping in touch . They have a 5 and 7 year old girls and they were so excited to have their very first dog. They were so cute they already had cute little bows picked out for her and they've already got her a halloween costume LOL.. We will really miss her:( but I know it's for the best. Goodbye little Gigi.
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We're Pregnant!

So we found out a couple weeks ago we're pregnant! Feeling good so far as long as I stuff my face every two hours LOL. No nausea yet (cross your fingers), and the cravings have already began. I feel like this is the make it or break it.... Is it going to be another girl??? Or boy???? We would LOVE to have a boy, but a girl would fit right in:) Can't wait to find out!