Friday, May 29, 2009

Potty Time

It has begun! Today was Gracie's first day in training. About two hours off and on the potty and running around the house with no diaper we finally had success. Gracie started telling me she was getting wet so I ran her to the potty and gave her a little privacy and I started hearing a little tinkle! It was music to my ears! I know we have a long road ahead but I was excited to have some success. Gracie loves the big marshmallows so I bribed her with those and after two hours she was so happy to finally get her marshmallow. I have been changing two diapers for almost a year now so I will be thrilled to be back down to one again.
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Memorial Day

Bryan took the day off on Memorial Day so we could have some family fun! We went to Liberty Land Fun Center for our first time and it was a blast. They had fun little rides for Gracie and lots to do there. Gracie went on her first roller coaster ride and absolutely loved it! I thought she would be scared but no way Gracie loves going fast. She also wanted to try rock climbing after she saw Daddy do it. It was so funny seeing her harness on her. She's my two year old going on twelve LOL..
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Roush Mustang

Dosen't Gracie look so good in this little hot rod! We should tell Daddy to buy us one. LOL...
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Trip to St. George

Me and the girls drove to St. George with my sister in law Ashley and her little boy Jaron to visit Grandma and Papa (Bryan's parents). We had so much fun! Ashley and I got to get away while Grandma watched the kids so we could go to the St. George temple and do a session, it was so beautiful inside and nice to go to different temple. Afterward we got to go to lunch with no kids! We also went swiming at Sand Hollow pool, Gracie loved the big kid slide and so did I LOL.. We all took turns taking Gracie down the slide so we could have an excuse to go down ha ha.. Sabrina and Jaron loved the water too. It was both there first time in a pool, and they could not stop splashing and didn't mind the water in their face. Bruce (Bryan's Dad) works at St.George Ford and brought home a 2010 super charged Roush Mustang and asked if me and Ashley wanted to take it for a spin. Well after we thought about it for like half a second we jumped in. Well now we have a great story to tell and I have a new dream car LOL.. Well Bryan's parents live in Diamond Valley just outside of St. George and there's a great little highway perfect for this kind of test driving. Ashley drove first and she drove us out to Veyo and pulled into this little gas station so we could switch. Well when we pulled up bumping to some music and got out there was these two guys standing there with their mouths wide open LOL.. And they yelled out "Lucky" and I got into the driver seat put it into first gear and peeled out. I couldn't resist it was like a scene out of a movie:). We felt young and wild again LOL.. For about 15 minutes we were two girls in a brand new Mustang and we felt pretty cool. Thanks Bruce for letting us let loose for a little while! Next time lets test drive the convertible. I'll post pictures of the little hot rod after this.
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Showing little Sis the ropes:)

And the mess begins (or multiplies). Sabrina is starting to get into things and Gracie is showing her the ropes. This is what they were up to the other day as I was putting my makeup on. What cute little rugrats!

Swingin in Grandma's backyard

This is Gracie and Sabi's favorite thing to do in Grandma's backyard. They could really swing for hours if I let them. One time my Mom and my sister and me were visiting in the gazebo and we looked over and Sabrina was fast asleep in it. Sorry that pic is on my Mom's camera I think.

Friday, May 1, 2009

This week Gracie had a sleep over at the DeHarts house and had so much fun with the girls...

Dehart Farm lots of baby birds

Gracie wanted to take this bird home.

Having fun at Shaylees house...

Gracie washing the dogs