Tuesday, January 25, 2011

French Braiding

So I think french braids in girls hair is so cute, and here I am going to have three girls and I don't even know how to french braid! So I was bound and determined that I teach myself. So I got on line read about it and watched some videos and finally figured out how to do it! These aren't the best french braids cause I'm still learning, but I'm really excited to get better at it and do some creative things with my girls hair:)
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Sea World

Bryan and Gracie at Sea World. Just figured out how to send pics from my phone to the computer:)
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

More pics of San Diego

Eating at a little Cafe on the Pier

So we stay at the Hyatt every year right next to Seaport Village and we had a gorgeous view of the ocean bay where all the big cruise ships come and go. Seaport Village is lined with all these cute little shops and really good resturaunts and there's always live music playing somewhere. They also have in the middle a darling old Merry Go Round that was originally made in the 1950s and it tells you all the places that it has been since. Gracie got to ride on it like everyday we were there and would always tell me what animal she wanted to ride the next day LOL.. We introduced a lot of new foods to Gracie on this trip and she did a really good job eating them:). We had fish, chinese and ate at Bryan's favorite Restaurant called "The Field" a irish pub (really good food). This was such a fun trip and can't wait to come next year!
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More pics of the Children Museum

Gracie loves to climb and always shocks me how good she is at it.

These little light switches were a hit with all the kids. Each light would turn on a different noise or light. I felt like Sabrina was missing out on so much this trip and it was so hard being away from her, but I knew it would have been very hard to be on my own with the girls while Bry was at his retreat during the day. It was fun spending time with just one of them and Gracie really loved having the focus on just her for a while. I would love to do this with each of my kids and give them some one on one time with Mom and Dad to make them feel special.
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Children's Museum

The new Create Your Own Monster exhibit.

Fun House

Bubble blowing exhibit

There was a Children's Museum across from our Hotel that was a a lot of fun! They had this new exhibit that day were you could create your own monster that had velcrow all over it, and they had this photographer that wanted to take pictures of kids playing with it. Well seeing how it's San Diego and not "Utah" there was hardly any kids there so Gracie was the only one playing with the exhibit. This was Gracie's favorite exhibit probably and the guy was just snapping pictures of her left and right while Gracie was in her own little world not even noticing her picture was being taken LOL.. So Gracie maybe famous and wind up in some random newspaper ha ha..
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San Diego Zoo

Loved being in the helicopter did not want to
take a picture LOL.

The Sky Tram, we had a awesome view of San Diego from here.
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More Pics of the Zoo

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San Diego Trip

Bryan had a Real Estate Retreat in San Diego so Gracie and I went along too. We stopped in St. George overnight and dropped off Sabi at Bry's parents. We got there a day early to all go to Sea World together and I forgot to charge my camera so it was dead the whole day I was only able to take pics with my phone unfortunately. But Sea World was really fun! Gracie really enjoyed the shows and the rides. Then on Monday we went to San Diego Zoo! My friend Laura and her daughter Emily went with us, her husband works at Bryan's office and they were there for the retreat as well. I forgot how big that zoo is and how almost impossible it is to see everything in one day. I think we did a pretty good job though and saw quite a bit. Gracie loved all the animals and taking pictures by all the statues:) The nice thing about this Zoo is you can see all the animals really close up so that was really neat!
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