Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First Pigtails!

Gracie and I were playing with Sabrina's hair the other day and Gracie wanted to put pigtails in her hair. I wasn't sure how it would turn out but it worked LOL.. I decided I will do her hair like this more often because she looks adorable in them:) I couldn't believe how grown up it made her look. My baby will be one next month I can't believe it. Growing up so fast and getting cuter all the time!
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Sand Dunes!

Last week we went with some of Bryan's Co-workers and families to the sand dunes. We all rented RVs and some 4-wheelers for the trip. Gracie loved driving in the RV and loved being on the 4 wheeler, she never wanted off (imagine that) LOL.. Bryan had a blast riding at the dunes and is such a natural to anything on wheels. Me on the other hand I prefer riding with him because it's kind of hard to have fun when your frightened while driving. Ha ha.. It seems I need more practice with this stuff. I was thinking you just push the gas and go but all the 4 wheelers were clutch so I was like you mean I actually have to learn how to drive this thing LOL.. Bryan and I love renting things to see if we really like it enough, and would use it enough to buy our own. But with how cheap things are to rent now a days why buy and have to maintain it and sit on the side of your house for most of the year while it collects dust. One thing we will buy for sure one day is a boat (that will get put to good use).
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mommy's Little Chef

Gracie and I made home made pizza the other day, and Gracie had so much fun doing it. She rolled out the dough, poured the sauce, put the cheese and pepperoni on almost all by herself. I was impressed how she was so exact and precise about it. Gracie loves helping Mommy do stuff around the house and watches me very carefully at how I do things. She likes to keep her room clean and cleans her toys at least once a day with baby wipes. One day Gracie was taking my Mom up to her room and was completely embarrassed at some clothes that were laying in the middle of her room. Gracie ran and picked up the clothes and said "Mess" and threw them in her closet at once. LOL.. My funny little Gracie girl.
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Fav Thing To Do In The Summer!

We went boating with my sister and her family last Saturday! Oh how I miss boating! We use to go every summer growing up in California and made some of the best memories when I was a kid. My sister and her Husband bought our family boat when my Dad decided to throw in the towel with the boat. He was about to sell it to someone when we begged him not to because of all the memories we have in it growing up, so Shannon and Jared decided to buy it. I'm so glad it's still in the family. I know the colors are kind of bright:) but back in the 90s this boat was the hottest boat ever! It was Gracie and Sabi's first time on a boat and they both loved it! Gracie even got on the tube with Daddy and her cousins behind the boat. What a brave two year old (it runs in the blood). Everytime they would hit some bumps she would start to smile, so funny this girl is not afraid of anything. One day Bryan and I will buy a boat and we will keep the tradition going!
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