Saturday, January 14, 2012

New years in St. George

We walked through this crack where two huge rocks meet up. The girls were loving it! Bry was getting a little claustrophobic and I couldn't help but laugh at seeing him like that lol. We litterally had to keep our head turned forward and walk sideways almost the whole way thru. This is my kind of hiking it was so awesome!

We had such a fun time hiking around the red rock in St. George with the girls! To them we might as well been at Disneyland cause they just thought it was the coolest place ever:). The weather was just amazing! And it was just so beautiful!! We had such a great New Years with Bry's family!

New Years in St. George

Christmas Morning before church

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Morning

I put in a special request to Santa this year and asked him if he would come a day early and he did! He understands when you have early morning church and four heads of hair to do:). I love Christmas morning with my family! There is something so special about the feelings you have on Christmas with your family, we are so blessed, wouldn't trade my kids for the world.

Ward Christmas Party

My girls finally were ok with sitting on Santa's lap this year! Well when they're passing out reindeer and Santa pez it's too good to pass up:)

One of my favorite gifts:)

Too cute to not post! This little angel was good for mommy and did not crawl until after the tree was down:). Such a sweet thing!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Nativity

Nativity night before Christmas

Mary on her donkey

My cute angel:)

Beautiful Mary:)

So my sister in law and I sewed nativity costumes this year, the girls were soo excited for me to sew them these costumes. Turned out so cute, and the nativity play they did was really cute! I felt like this year the girls were starting to realize that Christmas is not just about presents. Nevaeh was such a good baby Jesus she just sat there and drank her bottle the whole time. Love my girls!

Christmas Break

We went out to eat and this is where Nevaeh loved to sit lol. Right in the middle as our center piece. And her Grandma Larsen decided to give her a carrot stick and she just sat there the entire time chewing on her carrot stick lol. So funny:)

Christmas Break

We had a great time with Bryan's family during Christmas break! What do you do when there's no snow? Go hiking to some falls! I thought these pictures turned out so cool! I didn't get to go cause I had to stay behind with the baby, but I just love these pictures!