Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sabi's Dance Recital

Sabrina had her first dance recital at the Covey Center in Provo! It was her first time on a big stage and she did so good! I had to drop her off back stage with the rest of the performers and I have to admit I was a little scared. With all the performers and craziness going on I was worried they were going to lose my child. But Sabrina wasn't worried one bit she was so excited to be part of the performers and was fine that I left her with some lady she didn't know. But I was reassured when I saw her smiling face when the curtains opened. This girl loves to perform and be in front of all the people:) (such the opposite of her older sister lol). I was the beaming mother in the crowd so proud of my little girl. She did great! She was pointing at me and waving at me when she saw me in the audience (so cute). I also have a funny story of Sabrina, during Gracie's preshcool graduation. Gracie did not want to be up in front of all the parents and families singing the songs (no surprise) so Gracie came and sat by us. Sabrina loved watching the kids perform and would applaud them after each song. Then with out warning she stood up walked up there and sat in Gracie's empty seat and started singing with the graduating class LOL.. We were crying we were laughing soo hard! She would sing along the best she could and follow the teachers actions to the songs. She just fit right in, you would have never known she wasn't in that preschool class. After that we were pretty confident that she would do well at her little dance recital. Love this girl she always surprises us and keeps us laughing:).
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