Monday, December 5, 2011

My Big 5 Year Old!

I can not believe I have a 5 year old!! Where has the time gone! Gracie wanted a kitty and doggy party this year, this is her absolute favorite thing to play with her friends and family:). And she has holes in every pair of leggings she owns to prove it lol. Me and my cousins wife made these cute dogs and kitten cupcakes for the party, I thought they were the cutest things ever! And the grahm craker bones with their little toungues hangin out were killin me lol! Gracie still plugs her ears when we sing happy birthday to her ha ha. She had a fun time with her friends! They made some doggy and kitty crafts while they ate scooby snacks that look like dog bones:). And the kids got to take home little doggy bags:).But I think Gracie's favorite besides opening gifts:), was just running around and playing with everyone. Gracie got a lot of littlest pet shop stuff that she loves right now and a Wii with some games. She loved playing the Wii at Grandma's house so we broke down and got her one. Her favorite game is Littlest Pet Shop on the Wii. We also celebrated her real Birthday with family. So she thought it was pretty cool she got cupcakes and a cake at Grandmas:). I just love this girl! She is so special to us! We know Gracie is destined for greatness, she is very strong headed, determined and passionate about things she loves, she picks up on things fast and always surprises me of what she's capable of. Now if we can just survive her lol, we know she will accomplish some great things in her life. She loves her sisters and loves to go to Grandma and Papa Dexter's house in St. George. If you know Gracie you know that she's extremely shy at first but is totally the opposite once you get to know her. Some of her favorite things are her Daddy, her friend Jacob (she so has a crush on this boy lol), her new preschool teacher, Disneyland, puppies, kitties, helping Mom, restaurants, red box movies, going to friends houses, playing make believe with Grandma (my Mom), Grandpa tickiling and chasing her, the library, Mom's homemade rolls, chocolate anything, crafts, gymnastics, riding her bike, going for walks, camping and mountains, and playing outside. We love you so much Gracie!! Thank you for the vibrant colors you put into our lives!
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