Friday, September 14, 2012

Gracie showing her gymnastics skills:)

Mud art!

Gracie and her cousin Jaron couldn't resist playing in the mud after the last rainstorm we had. They were making a master piece on Grandpa Burnett's wall lol. Jaron normally is a pretty clean kid who doesn't usually like to get dirty. Gracie showed him what he was missing out on and he was all for it after that ha ha. Sorry Ashley lol!

Go Green Lightening!

Gracie started soccer! She was unsure her first game and took so bribing to get out there lol. Finally in the 3rd quarter she gets out there for the last 8 minutes of the game, and makes a goal in the last few seconds of the game! So after wards we took her out for a snow cone at the nearest snow cone shack. They were the biggest yummiest snow cones we've ever had! I thought it was cute how Gracie picked one the same color as her uniform:). Great job Gracie!

First day of Kindergarten/Preschool

Gracie is in Kindergarten now!! So crazy were has the time gone! She is really liking it, and is learning a lot. Sabrina loves her cute little preschool that is just right down the street from were we live. She also loves that her cousin Jaron is in her class now:). Love my girls!

End of the summer Lake Powell trip

   The skies the first night were amazing!

       Love and miss my sis!!

      Grandpa loves his Veya time:)

    These little kid boats were a hit, and so cute!

Cute Shay shay:)


All the Kiddos:)

Bry cliff jumping

Collecting sea shells.

Dad by his old boat ( now Shans and Jareds).

Bry tearing it up on the wake board.

Went to Lake Powell with the Risinger family and DeHart family the beginning of August. So much fun for the girls to see all there cousins and enjoy beautiful Lake Powell! Kind of fun making memories with my kids on the boat I have so many memories on as a child. The weather and sunsets were gorgeous, and the water was perfect. Love my family so good to see everyone!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sabrina's Princess Party 4 Years Old

                             The girls decorated princess crowns

                                              Nails and makeup:)
                                             Beautiful princesses!

                                                                 The Birthday girl


                                                      Freeze dance

Sabrina had so much fun at her little princess party. The girls made crowns, got their makeup and nails done, they played freeze dance, duck duck goose and pass the poison apple.  Then they got to sit at their fancy table and eat cupcakes and lemonade. The girls had a blast dressing up and playing all together.

Sabrina it definitely our princess in our family. She loves anything girly or cute. She loves her Mommy and always tells me I'm the best Mommy in the whole world and that I have the cutest wedding dress. Lol.. She loves to be silly and make us laugh. She is starting to read, which amazed me! I have been working with Gracie this last year with reading and Sabrina was usually sitting  next to us. So a few months ago I started with Sabrina on one of Gracie's Learning Dynamic books and she surprised me by sounding out the letters and blending them together. She also loves to make people happy by sharing with them. She loves to dance, play with her sisters, hiking, go on trips, puzzles, and just this summer she has really enjoyed being in the water. She is our diva and loves to sing, pretend and is very dramatic. We love Sabrina so much, she is such a blessing in our family. Can't believe she is a big 4 yr old now!