Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tu tu Cute!

So I did a little photo shoot with Nevaeh and played dress up with my little dolly:) Our camera hasn't been working all that well so I borrowed my Mom's nice camera and I'm lovin it! The pictures turn out so good and professional looking. It helps to have a cutie behind the lens as well ;) I'm diggin the blue eyes! A lot of people that see her say "she looks like her Mom", and I'm loving that! She does look like her sisters, but I can claim the blue eyes:)
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Preschool Buddies:)

This year Both girls are in preschool! Sabrina goes to the 3 to 4 yr class and Gracie is in the 4 to 5. Sabrina has been waiting patiently for her turn to go to school and she's loving it! Gracie loves her teacher, and we are very excited about that! Her last teacher she never bonded with so it made it difficult for her to want to go to school. This year when I took her the teacher had to peel her off me because she didn't want to go. But when I picked her up she was grinning from ear to ear and told me "Mom I love my new teacher, she's my favorite", I was thinking SCORE HOMERUN! I can not tell you how nice it is to drop them off together at the same time! It is so weird, and is going to take some getting use to, to have them gone at the same time. It's so quiet with just me and Nevaeh. I go to the store and I keep looking around me like I should have my girls with me. I think back to when I just had Gracie as a baby and think, did I really think going grocery shopping or having one child was hard?? Cause this is cake!! It's times like these that I'm so glad I have my two girls close in age. They are the best of friends! They do everything together, and how lucky are they to always have a playmate to play with! Love my girls they are growing up so fast I can't believe it.
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Monday, September 5, 2011

I Love This Girl!

She is 4 months now almost 5! I'm already feeling guilty cause she is growing up so fast and I have not taken near as many pictures and video of her as I have on the other girls. I'm going to be better! I also wanted to post this picture because you can see the strawberry color in her hair really good lol. Who would've thought I would have a little red head:) She must of got it from her Great Grandpa Risinger. We are thinking it will eventually go blonde but until then we are enjoying our little strawberry short cake:)
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Go Cougars!

We are ready for the season! Go BYU!!
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Fish Lake

We went to Bryan's Boss Cabin two weekends ago and rented a side by side. It was one of Bry's master mind group trips that we take every year and it's always a blast! There was like six families there and they were all so fun to be with. We had good food, lots of 4 Wheeling and mud:) and the cabin we stayed in was so beautiful, and filled with these huge trophey animals and huge windows to see these breath taking views! The girls loved the cabin and 4 wheeling, especially Sabi, she never wanted to get out of the side by side:) One of our rides was particularly adventurous, we were coming back to the cabin and it started to sprinkle a little then it started pouring rain and then it started hailing. The pour girls didn't have any helmets on so they were getting pelted on in the back. And this was the only trip we took with the baby with us! So I was so worried about her and tried to keep her covered up as best as I could. And just when we thought it couldn't get any worse Bryan drove us as fast as he could straight in a mud puddle and drenched us completely lol. Bryan and I couldn't help but look at each other and laugh. I started to worry a little until finally we saw the cabin in sight hooray! We weathered the storm and the girls were really good sports! We saw three bucks on one of our 4 wheeling trips and they were right on their property! Gracie also got to shoot a gun for the first time! The first of many I'm sure. She was so funny I asked her how it went and she said "Mom I shot a gun and I didn't even cover my ears, and the gun scratched me and I didn't die", lol too funny! This girl is always asking daddy when she gets to shoot deers ha ha. This was such a fun trip!
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Pismo Beach

Where did the summer go? July and August just went by in a blur and we were here there and everywhere in between! We went to Pismo Beach in California to a family reunion in August. It was a very quick trip but fun all the same! It was so good to see some cousins I have not seen in a long time! I miss them already, especially my old roomy Kendra! It was so fun to see how everyones kids had grown and catch up on what everyone's been doing lately. We went to a few different beaches, I even tried some skim boarding:) And Bryan finally got to show me what a pro he is at it finally! He use to do it in Highschool a lot and he hasn't done it since but you couldn't tell. The kiddos enjoyed the beach and the sand and playing with eachother of course. We left Gracie in St. George with Grandma and Papa Burnett cause she wanted to play with her cousin that was staying there and she gets very grumpy in long car rides:)
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