Friday, May 25, 2012

She's walking!

Nevaeh is walking everywhere she goes now! Can't believe it, she's growing up so fast!! She has been my earliest walker at 12 months. Gotta keep up with those sisters :).


The girls love this dog! Gracie dressed him up one day and Dexter is so mellow and just lets her do it. Nevaeh calls thru the window at him, "Deh Der", so cute lol.

Ready for Summer!

The girls love to play in the pond and the sand in Grandma's backyard. They love to catch tadpoles and frogs.

Snow Canyon

Another fun family night! We went to snow canyon, and saying the girls loved it is an understatement lol. They ask to go back now everyday:). So you climb thru these huge white mountain rocks and then there is this huge bowl of soft white sand everywhere. The girls and Bryan would climb up the white sand hills and slide down on their tummys. Next time we decided we will take a sled! Love Snow Canyon!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Our first Family Night in St. George

                                            Grandpa showing her how to fish:)

                                            She's set!

                                            Now the wait.....

                                            Fishin with Daddy

                                            Love this picture, he looks so relaxed.
                                            She loved being on this rock:)

Gracie was so excited to finally use her fishing pole she got from Christmas. Didn't catch anything but the girls still had a blast. This lake was beautiful!