Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eating her cake!

My favorite crunched nose smile:)

Another cupboard hider

One Year Old!

I feel like someone pushed a fast forward button on my life! This last year has just past me by to quickly! Nevaeh is such a blessing in our life. She has such a hold on my heart and everyone that is close to her. There is something so special about her and the timing she was place in our life. Life gets crazy and busy and things change that you never thought would. Just one look at her and my craziness is calm, the hardest things become easy. She has taught me to take time for the little things and special moments. This girl is the definition of precious and sweet. She is happy almost always and always has a smile for everyone. My favorite is her little scrunched nose face smile. I love to just smother her in kisses. She loves to snuggle anything soft, if it's on the ground she crawls to it and lays her head on it. She is really smart and I feel like she understands almost everything I say. She says wassat (what's that), Da da and all done. She knows some sign language and lots of cute tricks. She is very patient waiting for me to come get her out of the crib. She loves music, every time she hears music she tilts her head side to side. She also leads the music when we are in sacrament singing hymns. And loves to show off her cuteness for the pew behind us in church. She is a Mamas girl most of the time but just recently has started to really like being with Daddy. I love this girl, her name fits her perfectly, she truly is heaven sent! We love you Nevaeh!