Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve

Mary, Mary and Jesus. And the camera flash made a nice star in the fire place above the girls LOL.

After Santa came to our house!

We were on our own this Christmas Eve, and it was kinda fun just our little family. So we did some old and some new traditions with the girls. First we taped the girls doing the nativity scene while Bryan narrated the story. The girls put on their hooded bath towels and Gracie wanted to be Mary and Sabi wanted to be Jesus lol.. Even though she looked more like Mary:) Then we made some cookies for Santa and left a plate out for him with a glass of milk. Then we got some magic reindeer food from Santa's stables, (Oats and glitter), and sprinkled it outside so the reindeer could have a midnight snack . Then the girls watched a Scooby Christmas cartoon before they went to bed.
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